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IAU-OAD’s Looking ...Up! International Competition: Create an Educational Video
19 July 2017

IAU-OAD has organised an international competition for teachers, educators and students, where participants compete by creating the best educational video on astronomy. The contest is held in the context of IAU-OAD’s Looking …Up! Astronomy for ALL project, and aims to promote engagement with astronomy and integration of astronomy into school curricula.

Teachers, educators and students can work individually, or as a team, to create an educational video in any genre: a promo video, documentary, fictional story, animation and others. The topic of the video is free to choose, as long as it’s related to astronomy and the Universe. Within a duration of no more than 5 minutes, participants are free to demonstrate their creativity in filming.

Submissions will be judged according to their creativity, clarity of the message, scientific content, inclusion, and integration with the curriculum. The jury committee (from Looking …Up! Astronomy for ALL and IAU-OAD, students and other scientists) will reward the best two submissions with a book valued up to 50 euros, and special prizes for each criterion. Videos can be submitted as a link to a YouTube-channel, starting at 1 August, until 30 October 2017.

Looking up!
The Global Competition on Creating an Educational Video on Astronomy is held in the context of , and aims to promote inclusive astronomy education and integration of astronomy into school curricula.

Examples of topics to explore are celestial objects, (future) space missions, the mystery of life in the Universe, but also the science behind astronomy or life on a spaceship. Perhaps the myths and legends of various cultures around the world can be used as a topic, or how astronomy unites people as a species on the pale blue marble called Earth!

A contest like this could be used by teachers and educators as a student project, where students learn to use a medium like videography to learn and communicate about astronomy and science. Students could work in teams, with specialised roles like in real video production teams. They could be writers, directors, camera men and women, audio recorders, editors, translators and science communicators!

For more information on this competition, check out the , the , or the .

IAU-OAD’s project “Looking …Up! Astronomy for All” is a TF2 funded project that aims to promote inclusive astronomy education and integration of astronomy into school curricula. Besides this contest, the project also features several workshops for teachers and serves as a pilot for further expansion from Greece to other European countries.




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