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Verwonderpaspoort Wins Museumeducation Prize 2017
13 November 2017

Leiden project Verwonderpaspoort is the proud winner of the Museum Education Award 2017. The prize winner was announced on November 10th at the award ceremony of the Museumkids Awards in the Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision. Universe Awareness offers activities on behalf of Leiden Observatory, partner of the Verwonderpaspoort.

The Verwonderpaspoort (in English: Wonder Passport) is a project of Leiden museums and (educational) institutes with the aim of making nature, science, technology and sustainability accessible to children. The project was won in the final against Flip the Museum, from the Van Abbemuseum. Minister of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands, Ingrid van Engelshoven said on behalf of the jury: "This project allows you to build a digital world at school and home that challenges you to go to a museum."

The prize money of 40,000 euros is intended to further develop and expand the award-winning educational program. Head of Educational Development at Naturalis and initiator of the project Yuri Matteman: "We are extremely proud and happy with this recognition and prize. It offers the opportunity to realize our ambition and to stimulate more children in their curiosity towards nature, science and technology and sustainability with expansion in the Leiden region."

Astronaut André Kuipers also has an island!

Astronaut André Kuipers also has an island!

Enquiry-based learning

The Verwonderpaspoort promotes enquiry-based learning and stimulates children to be curious. In the digital Wonder World, children can unlock online islands by doing activities at participating institutions. This can be done during school time with the classroom, but also out of school with the family. Investigative learning, with real material, in real environments, and stimulating curiosity, are important values in this project.

Participating museums and educational institutions in Leiden are: Naturalis, Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Technolab, Leiden University, Hortus Botanicus Leiden, Junior Science Lab, Leiden Observatory, Wetenschapsknooppunt Leiden, Leiden Municipality, Naar Buiten!, Association of Leiden School Gardens and the Bewaarde land.







Winners Museumeducation Prize
Winners Museumeducation Prize