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World Space Week 2017 Solar Observation At School In Pakistan
26 October 2017

On 5 October 2017, Student Ambassadors Saif and Yumna organised a space science and solar observation outreach at ZICAS School System Senior Campus in Lahore, Pakistan. Over 120 students and management staff visited a lecture on the Sun and other prominent topics of Astronomy.

“It was remarkable to see the active response from the students when they presented their projects and speeches on different space topics. It was clear that they were prepared for their presentations because how enthusiastically they spoke about their favourite space topics.”

A student named Rayan, presented a detailed and passionate speech on the Apollo missions. Many students also brought their paintings, drawings and different art pieces on their best-loved space concepts.

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“Some of them asked questions regarding whether there is life on any other world out there in space and how we can get there. We made sure that the questions were answered according to their understanding.”

A solar observation session was then held with a telescope, where students viewed the sun and tried to identify the sunspots as well.

Saif Ullah Khan is an 18 year old A levels student at Lahore Grammar School Johar Town Senior Boys Branch in Lahore, Pakistan, and head of the Astronomical Society there. Yumna Majeed (19 year old) studies Medical Lab Technology at Allama Iqbal Medical College in Lahore, Pakistan and is head of the Science Club there.



WSW2017 UNAWE Pakistan Solar Observation
WSW2017 UNAWE Pakistan Solar Observation