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Ireland's 'Deadly Moons' Programme Joins UNAWE
3 September 2008

Deadly Moons is an art and astronomy workshop for children developed by Deirdre Kelleghan.

Children from the age of 4 upwards take a look at some unusual moons. Our moon is featured amongst the exotic beauties. The children choose the deadliest moon. Deadly is an expression to say "Cool" or "Awesome" not dangerous !:-)

Once the deadliest moon is chosen we all draw that moon with energy and interest. Children, parents, teachers, and even Deirdre all join in. All pay attention to detail. It’s a lot of fun. Observation is a skill common to both astronomy and drawing.

Welcome to UNAWE Deadly-Moon-Drawers!



'Deadly Moons' Activities
'Deadly Moons' Activities