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Daoud Hari endorses UNAWE
10 September 2009

Daoud Hari, author of , has sent us his endorsement.

Daoud is a Sudanese tribesman from the Darfur region of Sudan. He has worked as a language interpreter and guide for NGOs and the press on fact-finding trips into the war-torn and dangerous Darfur area. He was captured and detained by the government of Sudan as a spy in August 2006 along with Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and their Chadian driver Abdulraham Anu. Their months-long ordeal came to an end after an international outcry. In 2008 he published "The Translator: A Tribesman's Memoir of Darfur."

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Below is a quote from his book that embodies the philosophy of UNAWE.

“You can imagine this for yourself, friend, flying home and seeing your homeland below in points of fire. Whatever warrior blood comes to you from your ancestors would be working inside you.

“Yet, perhaps because I had already seen something of the large world, it was not so simple as that; I was indeed observing from this altitude. I counted among my friends the people of many tribes and many races, and this makes a difference in our hearts. I counted also among my acquaintances Jane Eyre, Long John Silver and Oliver Twist.

Altitude itself is a powerful thing. When travelers are in space, looking at your small planet from a distance where borders and flags cannot be seen or imagined, this also, I am told, bends one toward a peaceful view. That is what I wanted, really, just peace. I was sad and anxious for my people but not angry. I didn’t want to kill any human person."

We are very grateful for his endorsement and will keep up our efforts to continue reaching as many children as possible around the world.



Book by Daoud Hari
Book by Daoud Hari