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Tanzania Celebrates a Year with UNAWE
9 September 2010

We could just copy their wonderful on here, but this is a very special moment for us.

UNAWE would like to thank the UNAWE Tanzania team for their excellent work and congratulate them on their achievements and the support they have gathered elsewhere, notably in the United States.

After a year of hard work UNAWE Tanzania has built a momentum and a network of support that has enabled them to equip themselves with a telescope, a projector, a library of science and astronomy books for children, and the support of the school authorities.

In Tanzania and in many other countries, UNAWE is grateful to work with such enthusiastic young people and to support them in every way possible.

Do take a moment to go and read more about UNAWE Tanzania's activities and feel free to contact them about their great work.



UNAWE activities in Tanzania
UNAWE activities in Tanzania