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Explore Science in Germany: Science in the Park
9 June 2011

For a total of 5 days, Luisenpark in Mannheim, Germany buzzed with the sounds of children engaging with science in hands-on, fun and active ways.

The EXPLORE SCIENCE exhibit, which held its sixth annual event 18-22 May, attracted a total of over 55 000 adults and children from all over the country. The Klaus Tschira Foundation funded the event and invited families, elementary classes and kindergarden groups to participate in activities developed by different institutions. The theme for the week was light and colour, which allowed for many interdisciplinary activities around the 41 hectare park.

The European Universe Awareness project, (EU-UNAWE), had their own station teaching children about sunlight, and how it forms shadows on the Moon and our Earth. Within the station, kids built their own sundials, solved moon puzzles and participated in demonstrations about solar and lunar eclipses. Especially popular was a demonstration using Playmobil characters, showing how the Sun's path across our sky changes the shape and size of shadows. By watching the moving “sun” (flashlight) shine on the main character, Oskar, children were able to learn and appreciate how their shadows change based on the our motion around the Sun.

The EU-UNAWE Germany team had a blast participating in this event, and is excited to join in the fun again next year!

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EU-UNAWE activities during the Explore Science fair in Germany 2011
EU-UNAWE activities during the Explore Science fair in Germany 2011