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A Full Class at the Dutch Science Day
16 November 2011

On 30 October, EU-UNAWE participated in the Dutch 'Wetenschapsdag' (Science Day) festival with a special version of its popular Deadly Moons drawing workshop held at the Old Observatory in Leiden, the Netherlands.

The 'Wetenschapsdag' was very successful, with more than 1000 people visiting the Old Leiden Observatory. The Observatory had been re-opened the previous week following three years of renovation.

The Deadly Moons workshop was a great success; over 100 children drew moons of our Solar System! The children showed a particular interest in Io, Jupiter's ‘pizza’ moon. Some children drew all of the five moons selected for this workshop.

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Deadly Moons at the Dutch ‘Wetenschapsfestival’
Deadly Moons at the Dutch ‘Wetenschapsfestival’