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Big Class: Creative Writing in Elementary Schools
24 November 2011

In order to address the low literacy levels in New Orleans, a new creative project called Big Class was created. The goal of this initiative is to develop stimulating resources that actively engage students in education.

Big Class hopes to raise literacy by implementing a creative collaboration between public schools and the outside world. The project integrates creativity and community involvement in innovative ways, by supplementing existing school classrooms with engaging, student-driven projects.

Although the main focus of Big Class is on essential writing skills and achieving school standards, it goes further by placing those skills in the context of books that challenge students' creativity and ignite their interests.

Since the implementation of this project, there have been encouraging results in both writing and reading levels. Yet even more importantly, there were observable leaps in student confidence, engagement, and joy of learning in general. Additionally, the community has taken a much more active role in the schools.

Big Class was recently featured in and the Big Class books are now in their third round of publication.

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Big Class: Creative Writing to Elementary Schools
Big Class: Creative Writing to Elementary Schools