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Educational SKA Resources for Kids
27 December 2011

A variety of interactive and educational resources about the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope are being developed to inspire students.

SKA is a radio telescope in development, that will be 50 times more sensitive to radio waves than any other radio telescope. It will be the world's largest radio telescope and probably capable of answering some of the most fundamental questions- it will revolutionise science!

In order to raise awareness of the scientific objectives and progress of the SKA , as well as encouraging children to pursue studies in science and technology, the SKA has developed several educational resources.

Here is an overview of the available resources:

  • Above 8 years old- , comic books that explain how MeerKAT will work and its benefits. MeerKAT is the future world's premier mid-frequency radio astronomy facilities.
  • 9-14 years old- ””, a comic series designed to give an introduction to the SKA, showing what the telescope will look like, what it will do and what the benefits will be.

  • 12-16 years old- ””, a teaching resource comprising 21 lessons arranged in three sections. It goes through areas as the basic electromagnetic spectrum, astronomical techniques and technology.

  • 14-16 years old- , resources designed to assist educators intending to provide astronomy education to students.

Other resources:

  • , containing information on how to organise an astronomy night at your school and more.

  • , a guide for the brilliant astronomy software that allows students to explore space freely within the solar system and beyond.

  • “, a poster with some questions and answers about the SKA.

  • , such as phone ringtones, wallpapers and videos featuring interviews with some of Australia's top astronomers. The user is also lead to topics dedicated for reflection, such as the purpose of the SKA, what it should look for and what intelligent ways should we power the technology.

  • , a resource that provides numerous examples on how the SKA and other science and technology is communicated.

  • , a resource that provides the building blocks to deliver an engaging presentation relating to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and a range of related topics.
  • , introduce readers to the possibilities of the SKA.

  • , directed to the use of educators or media.



Educational SKA Resources for Kids
Educational SKA Resources for Kids