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Review: The Thunderbolt Kids
5 April 2013

Need a hand in the classroom? The Thunderbolt Kids are here to help!

The Thunderbolt Kids is a series of workbooks and teacher's guides about Natural Science and Technology. The series is designed for teachers of children aged 8-11, and is narrated by a group of cool, multi-talented young characters that students can really relate to, known as the Thunderbolt Kids.

Each book is crammed full of activities, lesson plans and enough information about Natural Science and Technology to satisfy any national curriculum! The series was written by a team of teachers with expertise in the subjects covered. Plus, the series will undergo an annual content review to keep them up-to-date with the latest scientific research.

The detail and clarity of the teacher's handbooks make them suitable for use by any educator, whether they specialise in the subjects or not. So the activities and lessons can be brought to life in all classrooms. The series is also extremely child-friendly; styled with bright colours and playful illustrations, and interspersed with fun facts to keep the audience engaged. And each book contains links to videos, games and relevant websites to help keep lessons interesting.

The series is created by and available for free , in files that are small enough to download and store, or each book is available in a print-friendly format.



Review: The Thunderbolt Kids
Review: The Thunderbolt Kids