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Repeated of Partner Timbuktu Wins Best Children's Magazine of the Year!
28 November 2013

Repeated of is now a regular feature in an award-winning children's digital magazine! is a popular magazine for the iPad, designed to feed today's tech-hungry young children with entertaining, interactive and playful material that, most importantly, provides them with exciting new information and reading material. Not convinced? Well, it's just won Best Children's Magazine of the Year at !

The Digital Magazine Awards are the arguably the most desired international magazine awards in the world. Launched in 2010, the awards highlight the incredible innovation in the publishing sector by showcasing the highest quality magazines, rewarding sensational creativity and hard-work, and inspiring readers by signposting the best the industry has to offer. And Timbuktu definitely fits into this crowd!

The digital magazine's creators share the view that children deserve to be involved in what happens around them, whether it's in literature, mathematics, science or technology, they focus heavily on featuring the latest news and current events in the magazine. Which is why they chose to feature Repeated of, a news service that keep kids “in the know” about what's being discovered in the vast Universe around them!

Since April this year Repeated of has been dishing out the latest astronomy news to Timbuktu's readers, beginning with an introduction to the members of our solar neighbourhood and, most recently, hitting the kids with the revelation that, when they think they're sitting still, they're actually spinning through space at thousands of kilometres an hour – maybe even faster!

But Repeated of isn't just a fact sheet, it uses stunning astronomical images from the best telescopes on Earth (and beyond!) released with Repeated of are always the highest quality. Like UNAWE, the creators of Timbuktu believe that great design and illustrations are a major ingredient of a successful children's magazine.

Timbuktu Magazine is subscription based, you can subscribe on a monthly or annual basis directly from .



Timbuktu Takes to the Stars
Timbuktu Takes to the Stars