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Spacey Travels Through The Netherlands
20 January 2014

Universe Awareness’ first published childrens book “Where is Spacey’s planet?” has been distributed all around The Netherlands to primary schools and asylum centers.

Where is Spacey’s planet?” tells the story about Spacey, a friendly alien, who has landed on the Earth's South Pole and cannot find his planet anymore. They go around the world in search of Spacey’s planet. During this journey across the world, children get a sense of the wonder of the Universe and the world around us, as well as a sense of global citizenship.

Author Govert Schilling, a prize-winning Dutch astronomy writer, developed the story in collaboration with UNAWE. Together they worked on a story for the youngest children, which encompasses the vision of UNAWE: to use the beauty and grandeur of the Universe to encourage young children, particularly those from an underprivileged background, to have an interest in science and technology and foster their sense of global citizenship from the earliest age.

In total the book has been sent to 16 asylum centers and about 220 primary schools. The books sent to the asylum centers and schools are meant to be read by children in the libraries, common rooms and classrooms, so that not only all the children in the center can enjoy the story, but also the next generations staying at the centers in years to come. UNAWE has also sent a book to all “Vogelaarwijken” primary schools in The Netherlands. 

Together with the book an Earth Ball in sent in every package they sent. Now also many children in The Netherlands can enjoy learning about our home planet. There is also an activity book full of activities that can be used together with this blow up version of our earth. This booklet can be downloaded .



Spacey Travels Through The Netherlands
Spacey Travels Through The Netherlands