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Meet the UNAWE Ambassadors: Irais Strong (Mexico)
17 October 2014

In this series called ‘Meet the UNAWE ambassadors!’ we introduce our ambassadors, who always work hard throughout the year to educate children about Astronomy and inspire them with our wonderful cosmos. Every month we put one of our unsung heroes in the spotlight. In this month’s episode, we introduce Irais Strong from Mexico!

Name: Irais Strong

Age: 25

Country: Mexico / US

Institute: UNM

Study/Profession: B.S. Astrophysics (Undergrad Student) / Procurement Analyst (Job)

Interests: Radioastronomy

Favorite food: Mole with rice

Most fun UNAWE experience: In the Astronomy events that I have organized in Mexico, when we play Astronomy Bingo, no one can pronounce ‘Sputnik’ correctly. That makes the children laugh at the coordinators.  Some words are tongue-twisters for Spanish speakers, we always laugh about that.

Reasons for joining UNAWE ambassador programme: I joined UNAWE because it turns difficult astronomy concepts into easy to understand concepts. Not only for children, but for adults as well. Also, these activities help children expand their perspective. At the same time the activities encourage the cooperation and tolerance among the children.

Favorite UNAWE resource: Universe in a Box

Favorite aspect of astronomy: Black Holes

Plans for next UNAWE activity:

For the United States: We are implementing a series of events in a Hispanic Community Learning Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These events take place every week from September until the second week of December 2014.

For Mexico: We are having a massive event in Reynosa, Tamaulipas next summer 2015. Also we have 10 Universe in a Boxes that are on their way to be delivered at 10 schools in different states in Mexico. The coordinators at each state are very excited about getting these boxes and start implementing UNAWE activities in their cities.

Message I want to give to kids around the world: Never stop asking questions. If you want to know why the sky is blue, or why the Earth is round, don’t rest until you can find the answer! Never forget that you have the power to make this world a better one!

Anything else: It is important to not understimate the role that astronomy has played in the advance of technology! 



Meet....Irais Strong
Meet....Irais Strong