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National Node of the Month: Brazil
4 November 2014

In this series called ‘National Node of the Month’ we introduce our national nodes, who always work hard throughout the year to educate children about Astronomy and inspire them with our wonderful cosmos. Every month we put one country in the spotlight. In this month’s episode, we introduce the UNAWE team from Brazil!

Country: Brazil

National language(s): Portuguese

National node since: 2008

Host institute: Louis Cruls Astronomy Club

National sport(s): Football

Local food: Rice and Beans

Country’s most famous astronomer: Ronaldo Rogério de Freitas Mourão (died this year – 2014)

Most fun UNAWE activity:

Presentations for kids in schools using UNAWE resources - like Earth Ball, Universe in a Box and Solar System passport - and sky observation are the most fun activities. It is amazing to talk with kids and know their doubts, present to them news about the Universe and show them planets and the Moon through a telescope.

Coordinator’s reason for joining UNAWE:

I organised an astronomy club for kids in our city many years ago. The reason I do this is that kids in all activities of astronomy popularization organized by our team actively participate and always want to know more about astronomy. When I heard about UNAWE I felt very motivated to join this wonderful international project.

Favorite UNAWE resource: Earth Ball, Universe in a Box, Solar System Passport

Favorite aspect of astronomy: Outreach activities with telescopes.

Plans for next UNAWE activity:

We are planning to organise video conferences involving kids from all Brazilian states to talk about astronomy. We are also organising an Astronomy Meeting for Teachers and Kids in April 2015. 

Message from coordinator to kids around the world:

Each child is a promise for the future. Astronomy is fascinating. The observation of the sky and its wonders are unforgettable moments of appreciation of the beauty of the Universe. I hope it will be also an opportunity to awaken vocations. Motivated scientists will arise performing splendid discoveries.

Anything else:

Activities organised in our city with Universe in a Box were shown in TV Amounted, click .



National Node of the Month: Brazil
National Node of the Month: Brazil