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Eratosthenes 2015: Global Project to Measure the Size of the Earth
9 March 2015

Around 240 BC, , a Greek mathematician, poet, and astronomer, calculated the Earth’s circumference using shadows, math and the position of the Sun in the sky. The IYL 2015 by the University of Buenos Aires recreates this experiment on a global scale and invites secondary school students from around the world to make measurements and calculate the Earth’s circumference.

Schools around the world will partner up through the Eratosthenes website and combine their measurements to calculate the size of the Earth. All measurements will take place at solar noon within a few days in September 2015, click for more information.

Join Eratosthenes to measure the size of the Earth using the Sun in the International Year of Light 2015. To register a school or educational institution click . The deadline for registration is September 1st 2015.


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Eratosthenes project 2015
Eratosthenes project 2015