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Universe Awareness Showcases at The Largest Astronomy Conference
3 August 2015

kicked off today in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America. More than 3,500 astronomers from at least 75 countries gather together from 3-15 August to discuss and evaluate their most recent developments in astronomy, to make decisions on fundamental issues facing astronomy and to foster international cooperation. The participants will have the opportunity to engage in thousands of scientific presentations, policy discussions and several public events. The General Assembly (GA) is held every three years in a different country.

The Universe Awareness team is playing an active role throughout the two-week conference, sharing their work and achievements of the global network throughout the last years in a number of presentations, meetings and posters. UNAWE will also run a survey in collaboration with the London School of Economics and ISCTE – Lisbon University Institute, on scientists’ practices of outreach and public communication. Iris Nijman from UNAWE is writer/editor for the the official I. 

The full list of Universe Awareness contributions during the IAU General Assembly can be found below:


  • (6 and 7 August)
  • Splinter Meeting: Publishing Your Astronomy Education & Outreach Research and Evaluation Results (5 August 10:30-12:00). Presentation about CAPjournal and IAU astroEDU. 
  • Open Review session of IAU astroEDU: An Open-Access Platform for Peer-Reviewed Astronomy Education Activities (11 August 12:30-14:00 PM, room 323B)


  • Presentation about Dark Sky Meter - IYL2015 Edition App during (11 August)
  • Presentation about OAD Task Force 2: Schools & Children during (14 August)
  • Presentation about EU Space Awareness during (14 August)
  • Presentation on 'IAU astroEDU: an open-access platform for peer-reviewed astronomy education activities' at Division C Meeting (7 August 11:10-11:25 AM, Room 312)
  • Presentation about Universe Awareness at Division C: Education I (7 August 4:24-4:36 PM, Room 312)


  • Showcasing Dark Sky Meter - IYL2015 Edition App at the IAU OAO (4 August afternoon and 11 August morning during coffee breaks)


  • IAU astroEDU workshop at (9 August 17:30-19:00 PM, Location: Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii campus, auditorium C-214)


  • Poster presentation on 'Peer-review Platform for Astronomy Education Activities' at (13 and 14 August)
  • UNAWE poster at (13 and 14 August)



IAU General Assembly Hawaii 2015
IAU General Assembly Hawaii 2015