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Welcoming UNAWE Ukraine!
17 February 2016

Introducing our first new national node for 2016: Universe Awareness warmly welcomes UNAWE Ukraine to the team. In October 2015 UNAWE Ukraine organised a stargazing party in the specialised school â„–45 of Lviv, Ukraine. More than 300 pupils and their parents attended. The main attraction of the event was the telescope tour of the starry sky and observations of celestial objects.

Last December, UNAWE Ukraine also organised workshops for kids. Children listened to the ancient history of our Earth and its relationship with cosmos and participated in an educational workshop titled  "Space amulet of our ancestors".

Serhii Gordiienko, the Director of Ukrainian science education project "Universe, Space, Time" and editor-in-chief of the popular science magazine of the same name, will take on the role of National Coordinator. "Universe, Space, Time" is already actively motivating youth to explore their scientific mind and learn about the cosmos. To do this they offer stargazing for children of all ages, workshops for children, and lectures and exhibits about space, among many other activities.

If you live in Ukraine and want to get involved with UNAWE, you can find contact details here for advice and support or you can learn more about how to get involved with the project on the UNAWE Ukraine website.




UNAWE Ukraine welcome
UNAWE Ukraine welcome