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UNAWE featured on Euronews’ Learning World TV Programme
22 April 2016

Universe Awareness is on the Euronews’s flagship TV programme on education called the Learning World. This programme is broadcast weekly in 155 countries and 13 languages.

The episode of Learning World addresses some projects that are offering “truly out of this world” classroom experiences. Titled , the programme follows Universe Awareness South Africa’s school activities with Universe in a Box, as well as students studying Northern lights at the .

The activities start at Lwandle Primary School in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, where every Friday 20 children participate in the school’s astronomy club. This week, they’re discussing the planets of our Solar System using Universe in a Box: giving the children’s curious minds something exciting to work with.

The second part of the episode continues four hundred kilometers inland into South Africa’s semi-arid desert to Sutherland, a town near the telescopes of the South African Astronomical Observatory. Here, the children of Roggeveld Intermediate School peek at the Moon through a telescope. “We start with the Moon: at their age this is one of the best objects to explain to them because it’s visible at night and also in the daytime,” explains UNAWE South Africa’s Willem Prins.

Watch the video below. 

Universe Awareness South Africa is one of the over 60 countries in which Universe Awareness activities are organised with children and teachers. For more information about UNAWE South Africa, please contact national coordinator Sivuyile Manxoyi.

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UNAWE Euronews Telescope
UNAWE Euronews Telescope
UNAWE on Euronews
UNAWE on Euronews
UNAWE on Euronews
UNAWE on Euronews