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Review: Professor Astro Cat's Solar System App
2 May 2016

Remember our review on the bestseller book Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space? now brings you the Professor Astro Cat's Solar System app, available on the and . Explore the Universe by joining Professor Astro Cat and his sidekick Astro Mouse on a mission through our Solar System, by signing up for the Astro Cat Space Programme!

Based on Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space, from the award-winning book publisher , this app brings exciting games, entertaining animations and catchy tunes to your discovery of space. Do you want to discover the wonders of our Universe, but you don’t have a rocket in your backyard, and you don’t want to read a big book? With this app, one finger is all you need to travel to space, play jetpack challenges, fly to the sun, collect medals and build your own rocket!

If Earth was a cherry tomato...

Screenshot of the Professor Astro Cat's Solar System App.

Made for children from 6 to 8 years old, Professor Astro Cat brings you cool facts about planets, moons and stars, in an easily digestible manner. Sometimes quite literally, by turning the Earth into a cherry tomato and making Jupiter a watermelon!

The app is a wondrous blend of entertainment and education; a prime example of fun learning. It lets you shift between a complete overview of the Solar System and individual planets. The information ranges from quite easy to fairly challenging. But don’t worry, all questions can be answered by exploring the app, or using common sense.

The Jetpack Challenge offers intriguing questions with some silly ones mixed in, and are good for many giggles. There are many more questions per round than fit in a can of sardines, so the app has replay value. It would have been nice to find out on your own where to place the rocket parts, like a puzzle. On the other hand, you create a new star all on your own!

Hopefully in the future, the app can answer even more questions, like: what is plasma? What’s that asteroid belt called? Tell us more about all those moons! The app really tickles one’s curiosity. And when an educational tool has you wanting to know more, you know it works.

Don’t assume this app is just for kids, though. Even grown ups can learn a lot of new stuff, like: did you know that our Sun has also has a kind of atmosphere, called chromosphere? I bet most parents do not know that either! And that also makes this app fun: families and friends can discover and play together too. Whenever and wherever they want. It’s a space adventure!


Michael de Korte (UNAWE/Leiden University)