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The 2016 Learning Zone Minecraft Oceans Competition
21 December 2016

Global operational satellite agency EUMETSAT has organised a Minecraft student competition where participants must recreate ocean-monitoring satellites in 3D. Those that feel creative can also design their own satellite and even an entire monitoring system with buoys, automatic robots and more!

The 2016 Learning Zone Minecraft Oceans Competition consists of two categories, where participants either recreate the Sentinel-3 or Jason-3 ocean-monitoring satellites, or design their own satellite (system). Participants between 6-16 years may enter and are divided into three age groups:

  • 6-8 years

  • 9-11 years

  • 12-16 years

(Entrants must have permission from a parent or guardian)

To view the poster for the competition, click here.

Minecraft competition poster

The Global Ocean Observing System as an inspirational source. Credit: .

Submissions in all categories will be judged according to several criteria. Entries will be judged on concept and originality to determine how well recreated satellites have been interpreted, or how original a creative design is. Technique and execution will judge attention to detail and the impact of the creation on the judges. Submissions are also judged on presentation, so the time it takes to present a creation, and the quality of screenshots and description also matters.

Entries can be submitted until 12:00 PM (CET) on 28 February 2017. Participants can win an iPad Mini 4, and Raspberry Pi starter kits. All entries will appear on the competition page.

For a full overview of competition rules and conditions, .


Minecraft and education

 is a very popular videogame amongst kids. It is actually the best-selling PC game and second best-selling videogame of all time (the first is another game with blocks, called ). It is a 3D sandbox game where players are free to create buildings, bridges, machines and more, using textured cubes. Players may also explore, craft or gather resources in various gameplay modes, like survival or creative mode.

Alien ExplorationExplore, create and sustain life on extraterrestrial planets in Minecraft Education Edition: Alien Exploration. Credit: 

Minecraft provides a platform for creative learning and design in a virtual world, to be played individually or as a team. As of 1 November 2016, Minecraft also offers the , designed for classrooms, complete with lesson plans and tutorials.